VoIP Hosted PBX FOR YOUR Business

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Telephone System Outdated?

Does your current telephone solution reduce or enhance your bottom line?

SAVE up to 40%!

With VoIP Hosted Phones for your business there are no maintenance costs. We handle the upgrades so your telephones will never become obsolete. You will get enterprise level features and save money each month.

Cut the Cord

With the IS-Talk advanced smartphone app, your smartphone, laptop or tablet can become your office phone no matter where you are.

Benefits of using IS-Talk


Cloud based telephone systems are becoming the trend of both small and large businesses. The low startup cost and flexibility have proven to be a major factor in providing a significant increase in services while lowering the overall cost of ownership.


IS-Talk is working everyday to stay on top of and deploy advancements in VoIP communications. By doing so we keep your system current and provide the latest features at no additional cost to you.


The IS-Talk Cloud solution allows a business to establish and control costs. There are no hidden fees for repairs or upgrades and no maintenance contracts or annual license renewals. The price of IS-Talk service is typically less than traditional land lines.


Work from ANYWHERE with a high speed internet connection. This flexibility allows companies to connect locations, have remote workers and activate disaster recovery plans when needed.